Some of my Favorite Susan Recipes

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by | Jan 30, 2017 | General

Some of my Favorite Recipes post
Today is the day Susan and I registered the domain name. Most people are not aware of the large number of Top Level Domain (TLD) names that are available for registration. The TLD (Top Level Domain) is the part of the domain BEHIND the period. The common TLDs (Top Level Domains) that most people are usually aware of are .com, .net and .org and so on. All TLDs behave exactly the same regarding search engines and website development. If you are interested in looking up domains that are available I suggest you check out the website.

Since I thought a great tribute to Susan and her great cooking would be a website focusing about news on her recipes and photos of her cooking, a domain name with the words Susan and Recipes in it seemed perfect. Hence, we grabbed the domain name for this website.

This is a general information article for the Susan Recipes website. The hope is to display some of Susan’s recipes that she likes to use. Wherever possible, we will attempt to identify where the recipe originated. We also plan to put posts in the site of various items she has prepared over our years together.